On this page we set out a few basic lists to help with the HR Process

HR How2 Basic Lists of helpful steps in the HR Process
This is the list to be added in time
7.Flexible work Request
8.Absence Management
9.Termination of Employment

1.Recruit an employee

The Following are suggested stages

1.Job description and pay rate

2.Advertise the role

3.Shortlist the candidates

4.Interview the candidates

5.Select candidate and confirm in writing

6.Check UK Eligibility

7.Pre Employment checks

8.Prepare Statutory Particulars

9.Reference checks

10.Reject other candidates and cancel job postings

(dont forget to retain paperwork for the correct period before destruction)

More to come-comments or questions to admin@iemploy.co

The HR Life Cycle

2.Induct an employee

The following are suggested Stages

1.     1st day formal notification & confirm eligibility to work in the UK

2.     Confirm probationary period and issue Contract/Statutory Particulars

3.     Collect missing details of employee

4.     Work commences

5.     Monitor and provide feedback to employee (policy and fair process)

6.     Extend probationary period

7.     Dismissal within probationary period(policy and fair process)

8.     Confirm end of probationary period

HR Life Cycle2019.png

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